Things you need to know

BubbaDesk is a coworking space with onsite childcare. the best alternative to traditional daycare.

What are the hours? 

The hours of service is 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday. If the demand for longer hours grows, we will consider extending these hours. 


What does the 3-hour max. childcare session mean?

Our terms state care is 3 hourly blocks – this just means that after 3 hours, we require the parent to do a quick check-in, and the next 3hour block will resume. You can use the BubbaDesk for the full 8 hours adhering to these terms.


What do I need to bring for my child? 

  • All food and snacks – cut to size as necessary, and ideally separate out any snacks and lunch – clearly label all food containers. Please refer to the Food Allergy Policy.
  • Water bottle/ milk bottle, including any powders/ EBM – clearly labeled
  • Nappies and creams – clearly labeled. Feel free to bring in bulk, and store at BubbaDesk
  • A cot sheet and sleep sack. Feel free to store at BubbaDesk 
  • Spare change of clothes 
  • Any soothers, dummies etc 
  • BubbaDesk will supply generic wipes (Curash water wipes). If specific brand wipes are required for your child, please bring them
  • There are hooks for your child’s bags, and name tags for each. 


How do you manage allergens?

We have a blanket rule of not allowing eggs or nuts into the premise. Please ensure any snacks or lunch you bring for yourself or child does not include any eggs or nuts. If you child has allergies, please advise our nannies. If a child has an adrenaline injector prescribed, bring this so that you or the staff can use it if needed. Please refer to the Food Allergy Policy.


What qualifications do your nannies have? 

Our nannies are experienced in caring for babies, toddlers and young children, with most holding a Cert 3 or above in childcare. All nannies have an up-to-date First Aid certificate, and a WCC. 


What is your immunisation policy?

All children must be immunised. 


I have more than one child, can I bring them all?

Absolutely! Additional children are charged at 50% of the per day rate. 



BubbaDesk Erina has 8 x parking spaces right outside the office, each clearly marked with signage. For overflow parking, The Sunken Monkey next door has a large carpark. 

BubbaDesk St Leonards has 9 x bookable parking spaces under the building. Plus street parking and council car parks close by.

BubbaDesk Caringbah has a big car park with free parking just outside the building.

BubbaDesk Wollongong has parking available onsite via the Campus Carparks.


Checking in and out

All members must check in via the iPad at the front office. Each time you take your child in and out of the facility, you must check in and out.


What do I need to bring for myself? 

Laptop and charger. That is it! 


Do I need to feed, change, or put my child to sleep?

It is completely up to you how much you’d like to be involved in your child’s care each day. We have a whiteboard where you can note preferences each day. Our nannies are experienced and happy to manage each child’s routine as required.   


What is supplied in the BubbaDesk coworking space?

Tea, coffee machine and capsules, and milk will be supplied, as well as a fridge, kettle and microwave.


Can I leave my child at BubbaDesk whilst I duck out?

No, parents must always remain on site, or take their child with them.


Will I be disturbed by other people’s children?

No! The childcare and coworking areas are separate: there are no children wandering through the coworking space.


I do not need the childcare. Can I still use the coworking space?

Yes, of course!


Can my partner and I both use the space? 

Yes, we welcome all parents. We’ll just require each parent to sign our terms. 


Can I bring in additional desktop screens? 

Each desk has 27″ screens with HDMI cable. You are welcome to bring and leave additional equipment as needed. 



How do I book a private call room?

Each location has at least 4 x private call rooms, each bookable via the Optix app. This service is inclusive of your membership, and is not an additional charge.


How does billing work? 

Each member will be invoiced for their days fortnightly. Direct Debit is set up before the first day attending BubbaDesk, and is via our payment systems Xero and GoCardless. 


How can I check my days? 

Please download the Optix app where you can view your days. You can view your bookings by clicking the four dots on the bottom right of the screen. Then click bookings. 


If my child or I am sick and can’t attend, what happens? 

Please follow the following process:

  • Members to post on the Community Feed via the Optix App (Look for the Megaphone icon on the bottom of the app) if unable to attend that day
  • Members must advise absence by 7:30am to allow for BubbaDesk to manage the team – Posting via the Community Feed alerts all members of The BubbaDesk team
  • Members must email lauren@bubbadesk.com with a request for a makeup day
  • Members have 2 x makeup days per calendar quarter
  • Makeup days do not roll over or accrue

Sickness Policy here. 


What is the makeup day policy for ongoing members?

For our ongoing members, we provide the opportunity for up to 2 makeup days per calendar quarter. Please note that the availability of makeup days is subject to our discretion at BubbaDesk and may vary depending on location.

Can makeup days be used as a replacement for non-charged days or refunded?

Makeup days cannot be substituted for non-charged days, and we do not provide refunds in place of makeup days. Our makeup day policy is established to cater to your scheduling needs while ensuring the equitable operation of our booking system.

Can a makeup day be utilised instead of my regular booked day?

Makeup days are not intended to replace your usual booked day. They are available for use on any other day, provided there is availability. This flexibility allows you to adapt your schedule as needed while making the most of your membership.

Are makeup days available for casual day bookings?

No, makeup days are exclusively offered to ongoing members and are not available for casual day bookings. This policy ensures ongoing members have the flexibility they need to make the most of their membership.


I booked a casual day, but can no longer make it – do I get a refund? 

For any casual day bookings, 48-hour notice must be provided to cancel for a full refund. A 50% refund can be offered with 24 hours’ notice. 


Tax deduction and Subsidy 

Coworking fees are tax deductible. Your fortnightly invoice will include coworking. Check out more here >

BubbaDesk is not eligible for CCS. 



We acknowledge within a coworking space, confidentiality is important. Each member will sign a confidentiality agreement. If any employer requires anything more specific, please advise management.