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BubbaDesk Member Review, Sara

Introducing Sara, a self-employed Consultant, working remotely from BubbaDesk at our Erina location. Sara is a mother of two, including 9-month-old Maddie.

Can you share some specific ways in which BubbaDesk has supported you and your family?

BubbaDesk has made our lives so much easier. I run a marketing consultancy business, so I never intended to take extended maternity leave—my clients and my passion for my work are important to me, and I need mental stimulation. However, like many parents, I struggled with the idea of leaving my daughter, Maddie. To strike a balance, I decided to return to work two days a week while my husband adjusted his schedule to a four-day workweek – this meant we needed one day of care. BubbaDesk was perfect for us – it gave me the flexibility to manage my career responsibilities knowing that Maddie was well-cared for, and also gave me the option to still be with her. Plus, there was zero chance of her cute yet sometimes very vocal interruptions during online meetings.

How has having access to a team of nannies through BubbaDesk impacted your ability to balance returning to work while still providing the care you wanted for your baby?

It’s been a game-changer! Knowing that Maddie is my last child makes me want to savour every moment. BubbaDesk allows me to do this, as I can easily check in with her between meetings, enjoy some playtime, or feed her as needed. I love how I can get my work done in an office environment without feeling any guilt.

Reflecting on your experience with BubbaDesk, what advice or insights would you offer to other mothers who may be facing similar struggles or challenges in their journey returning to work?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how BubbaDesk has served as more than just a daycare alternative—it’s actually been a fantastic transitional phase for us. Observing Maddie’s interactions with other children and her comfort in her surroundings has made it clear that she’s now ready for traditional daycare. Seeing her ease into this transition has eased any doubts about whether she is ready to join her brother. I think a common concern many of us face when returning to work is the —’are they ready for daycare?’ question – BubbaDesk has alleviated that completely for me.

As you transition away from your regular BubbaDesk schedule, what aspects do you anticipate missing the most?

I think Maddie and I will both miss the calming environment and the people we are surrounded by. I will miss the regular chats with the beautiful nannies between breaks and access to meeting rooms that allow me to focus and get sh%t done, and I know Maddie will miss access to amazing toys that stimulate her so much. We also live 30 minutes away from Erina, so I will actually miss the drive, which allowed me to listen to a podcast and zone out while Maddie had her morning nap.

Given your experience using both a traditional daycare and BubbaDesk, would you change any of your experiences or choices if you had the option of BubbaDesk with your first child?

If I could go back, I would definitely have chosen to use BubbaDesk before sending my son to daycare. As mentioned, the ability to be part of that transitional phase has given me so much peace of mind.

Looking back on your journey with BubbaDesk, are there any memorable moments or experiences that stand out to you as particularly impactful or transformative?

I’ve been able to witness Maddie’s growth in confidence as she interacted with other children and embraced the environment around her – that’s been priceless. She has also gone from crawling to baby cruising, and you can tell how at ease she is with her environment. I’ll never forget the days I walked into the nursery to find her standing up dancing, or holding hands with another baby – these are moments that stand out in my mind.

In what ways do you think BubbaDesk has contributed to your overall well-being, both as a mother and as an individual?

For me, BubbaDesk has been more than just a ‘place to work’ – it has provided me with a sense of belonging and community that I think we can sometimes lack when working from home. Returning to work post-maternity leave can be disorienting, but being among others in similar situations brings a sense of comfort and reassurance.

If you were to sum up your experience with BubbaDesk in a few words or a sentence, what would you say?

My experience with BubbaDesk has been a journey of growth, confidence, and cherished moments for both Maddie and I.

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