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BubbaDesk’s Unique Approach to Childcare

At BubbaDesk, we’re not just a coworking space with onsite childcare – we’re a community of passionate individuals dedicated to providing a warm and caring environment for both children and parents. Our team members are not just employees; they’re advocates for a new era in childcare that goes beyond the traditional daycare model. Let’s hear directly from our staff about their experiences and the unique qualities that set BubbaDesk apart.

Cath’s Perspective: Nurturing in a Happy ‘Family’ Setting

“I am so happy to have finally found a warm, friendly, caring, and relaxed working environment in BubbaDesk where the care and support for children go hand in hand with knowing that I am assisting local parents to fulfill their working needs and requirements. I just love being able to share and support the children’s individual needs while nurturing and growing with them in a happy, caring environment.

This is such a contrast to the typical Child Care Centre where there are endless documentation expectations and pressures to meet Childhood Development milestones, Principles, Practices, and Standards. BubbaDesk gives the opportunity for Parents and Nannies to feel comfortable and confident to work alongside each other harmoniously as a team in a happy ‘family’ type setting where each member is respected, and parents can form friendships with co-workers and nannies.

I personally love getting to know the parents and children on a more personal level, which allows more time to share happy moments throughout the day. I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with you all and look forward to sharing some wonderful friendships in the future… with the added bonus of doing what I love doing most… caring for Bubbas.” – Cath

Deb’s Insight: Quality Time, Minimal Paperwork, Maximum Peace

“What sets us apart from traditional childcare and family day care is profound. We support each individual child’s routine throughout the day, parents are on site, and we get to spend quality time with our bubbas without all the extra paperwork.

Parents can watch their bubbas being patted off to sleep by our Nannies and watch them sleep peacefully through our sleep cameras. The list goes on… I love being part of the amazing team at BubbaDesk Erina.” – Deb

At BubbaDesk, our team is not just here to provide childcare – we’re here to create a nurturing, supportive, and joyful space for both children and parents. Join us in redefining childcare as a collaborative, family-oriented experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Welcome to BubbaDesk, where passion meets purpose, and every child is cherished!

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