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Food Allergy Policy

BubbaDesk is a coworking space with onsite childcare. the best alternative to traditional daycare.

  1. Overview: Our coworking space with onsite childcare is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all members and their children. We understand that food allergies and intolerances can be life-threatening, and we have developed this policy to ensure the safety of everyone in our community.
  2. Food restrictions: Parents and guardians must inform us of any food restrictions their child has, including allergies, intolerances, or dietary preferences.
  3. Meal preparation: Parents and guardians will be responsible for packing their child’s meals and snacks. All items must be clearly labelled by the parent or guardian. We will also provide a designated area for parents and guardians to store their child’s food and drink containers.
  4. Allergy awareness: Our staff members are trained in allergy awareness and will be able to recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction. If a child has an allergic reaction, we will immediately notify the parent or guardian, and administer any medication provided by the parent or guardian and call emergency services if necessary.
  5. Snack and meal time: Children will be supervised during snack and meal times to ensure that they do not share food or utensils with others. We will ensure that each child is only given meals or snacks clearly labelled as theirs.
  6. Allergen-free zone: Foods that contain common allergens, such as nuts and eggs, are not be permitted. Please refrain from packing these items for your child to keep others safe.
  7. Communication: We will communicate regularly with parents and guardians about any changes to our food and allergy policy.
  8. Safe food handling practices: We encourage parents and guardians to follow safe food handling practices, including washing hands before preparing meals and snacks, avoiding cross-contamination, and storing food at the correct temperature. We recommend that parents avoid packing foods that are known allergens.
  9. Cleaning and disinfecting: Our staff members will regularly clean and disinfect all surfaces and utensils used during meal and snack times to ensure that they are safe for use.

We believe that by following these guidelines, we can provide the best possible care for all children and ensure the safety of everyone in our coworking space.

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