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Meet BubbaDesk Caringbah Member, Sarah Lewis

Introducing Sarah Lewis, a Recruitment Consultant working remotely from BubbaDesk at our Caringbah location, as she gracefully manages the intricacies of parenthood with her 1-year-old child while excelling in the fast-paced world of recruitment.

Can you share a personal or professional achievement you’re particularly proud of since returning to work?

An achievement of mine is returning to work when Rivyr was only 4 months old. Due to our work visas, we unfortunately aren’t entitled to any paid parental leave through Centrelink, and with the cost of living, we needed a second income. We also have no family in Australia (all residing in the UK) and the majority of our friends have no babies/children, so I felt very isolated and lonely.

I am very passionate about my career, I believe every woman should excel in their career and not give up their passions/goals when they become a mother. I did struggle being home a lot on my own and I decided to return to work part-time to have something to focus on for me to feel myself again. My company allowed me to return to work part-time, from home, and work around Rivyr’s routine.

At first, it was hard, but after a few weeks we got ourselves into a routine and I was back to my normal self and achieving targets at work. All the girls at work will still say they can’t believe I returned to work so early and how I managed it but I did it!

How have you overcome challenges in balancing work, business, or parenting responsibilities?

Things that have allowed me to overcome the challenges have been my supportive partner, us sharing responsibilities, routine, and keeping motivated. One thing my brother-in-law told us when we first became parents, is you both work and support each other in caring for Rivyr.

I have been very lucky with my partner being so confident and hands-on with Rivyr. We always share responsibilities, e.g. my partner will cook dinner while I entertain Rivyr, and I will then clean up after dinner while he bathes and has time with Rivyr.

We also ensure we have lots of family time on the weekend, such as swimming, going to the beach/park, walks, and some yummy food!

We were able to secure a spot in daycare 1 day a week when Rivyr was 8 months old and that got us through to December. We then got daycare 3 days a week from January which helped me get back into the office to be with my other work colleagues.

Are there specific strategies or tools that have helped you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Leaning on a routine with Rivyr and myself, I got Rivyr into a routine from 4 months old with naps, feeding, and playtime. We followed the eat, play & sleep routine and transitioned Rivyr into her own room at 5 months. She was sleeping through the night by 6 months old. For myself, I also thrive off a routine which is going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.

Other things include sharing responsibilities in the house and when you’re not working ensuring you’re having that fun family time, it’s so important! Also, taking some time for yourself which may be working out, popping to the shops on your own, or seeing some friends.

Can you recount a challenging moment and how you successfully navigated through it?

My biggest challenge was going back to work full time this year and thinking I could work from home 2 days a week with Rivyr! The minute she turned 1 she dropped down to one nap, started to climb, and just wanted me to sit down with her play.

Then I found BubbaDesk on the days I was unable to get Rivyr into daycare and what a relief!! I didn’t want to put Rivyr into daycare 5 days a week as they are very long and tiring days.

BubbaDesk allowed me to have care for Rivyr 2 days a week but be in the same building as her and go to see her throughout the day. When I see her so happy in daycare + BubbaDesk that mum guilt goes away of being a full time working Mum.

How do you envision the future of your career, business, or parenting journey?

Working mums – don’t give up on your career goals! Families – work as a team, help each other, and both take certain tasks. Have time as a family and time for yourselves.

BubbaDesk Caringbah Member

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