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Good for you, good for bub

Coworking With Onsite Childcare

BubbaDesk is one of the first coworking spaces in Australia with onsite childcare. 

The childcare area consists of one larger room, and one smaller room, suitable for ages 4 months – 4 years. All areas have lots of natural light, and lots of open end play toys, books and interactive materials. 

coworking space central coast

Coworking Space Australia

As our world becomes more familiar with remote working, the environment of a coworking space appeals. Build a community of like minded parents, each aware of the juggle we face. Enjoy our regular community events and create a beautiful network from BubbaDesk! Contact Us. 

More Locations

Interested In A Different Location?

We’re looking to expand across Australia. If you have a preferred location, we’d love to hear. Register your interest via the link below, and we will let you know once that space is open. 

What Made Us Start BubbaDesk?

From The Founder

I returned to work after just 6 months maternity leave (definitely should have taken 12 months!), was riddled with post natal anxiety and couldn’t find reliable (and affordable!) care for my son.
We juggled for a few months and the guilt really started to edge in – Charles wasn’t getting the present, playful parent I wanted to be. He was getting the mum trying to maintain the same level of performance as pre baby me. I love my career and want to hit my targets! But I also want to make sure I’m being the best possible mum.
The idea to build a space where I could be super productive in the time I allocate to work, and have my child close by being looked after by trusted professionals seemed like a no brainer. My mothers group validated the idea immediately! The original plan was to have us all work from the same office and all pitch in for a few nannies. And that’s kinda where BubbaDesk landed – except we do all the organising, and all you need to worry about is which desk to choose each time 😁
I’m so excited for the community BubbaDesk will build. Any businesses or brands that want to collaborate, please get in touch.
Hope to meet you in the space soon.
Read more about our Founder, Lauren Perret > 
BubbaDesk coworking central coast, coworking with childcare, childcare central coast