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BubbaDesk is a coworking space with onsite childcare. The best alternative to traditional daycare.

BubbaDesk has been a fantastic transition to work for me and my son. The nannies are terrific, fun and caring, and accomodate all the different needs for each family. Lauren and the BubbaDesk team have been great communicators and understanding of the unpredictable nature of kids!

- Dana Kim

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Customer story

Lauren Blatch

Talent Acquisition Leader, Schneider Electric

I started using BubbaDesk when I couldn’t secure a spot for my youngest son Lennon in childcare on the Coast. Our family juggles a mixture of school, preschool which starts from three years old and a private nanny and we struggled to find any childcare option that would work for us and the many moving parts of our family, in the under two age bracket.

I know there are long waiting lists, especially the further you go regionally and staff shortages. And I know many well qualified professionals, mainly women, struggling to contribute to the workforce due to childcare shortages.

BubbaDesk was a bit of a lifeline and has allowed my husband and I to continue working. It’s such a great business idea and I wish I had an option like this when my babies were in the under one range and I was navigating my return to work. Being able to pop in and see your baby, breastfeed, settle them to sleep, all of that really helps in the transition initially.

I work for a company that’s passionate about diversity in their workforce and has a great flexible working policy. However, in my role I see the reality of the impact of our childcare system in our female workforce participation.

We have one of the most educated female populations in the world being held back by lack of options and we pay some of the highest childcare fees in the OECD. We also undervalue the significant work of early childhood education making it a career path with little financial upside. How have we come to a point where our workplaces are more flexible/available than childcare?

We need to get behind great business ideas like BubbaDesk changing the landscape of options for families and also support great organisations like Parenthood advocating for system and policy change in this space.

Customer story

Emma & Josh

Family Therapist & Senior Engagement officer

Prior to BubbaDesk our family were stuck commuting from Sydney to the Central Coast for our work as we had not been accepted into any day cares on the Coast that we’d been on lists for for over a year, which is not uncommon when speaking to others families in the area. It meant we were pulling 12hr days away from our daughter which was a struggle for both her and us.

When we heard of BubbaDesk we were stoked as it meant we were able to make the move up to the Coast from Sydney. My husband and I are fortunate enough to have flexible work arrangements so BubbaDesk has been perfect. We take turns on who works from the coworking space depending on who has face to face meetings or not.

We are still able to be a part of our daughters' day, as little and as much as we’d like depending on our current workload. We are still able to be with her to put her to sleep and are able to play with her throughout the day (with all the cool toys available!) Knowing that she is well looked after and just a room away is so nice. The nannies are all so lovely, they follow the routine you have for your child and use an app to communicate with you to check in about any questions they have throughout the day.

Our daughter loves being there so much so, that sometimes it's a struggle to get her to leave - which is a true indication of how we know BubbaDesk is a match for our family The working space is also great - bright, comfortable desk chairs, separate meeting spaces if needed. Very conducive for a productive day!

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